Ducky Adventures back to home

Ducky Adventures brings the ducktv brand figure to life. Through the everyday adventures of Ducky, we learn about the daily activities of toddlers in a cute and fun way. The stories are created with the support of child psychologists and teach toddlers how to handle their emotions and help in conflict resolution while developing their thinking and observational skills.

Viewing tip

Help your child make the most of the stories by comparing the toddler life of Ducky with their own lives – point out the emotions Ducky and her parents experience, talk about why they have these emotions, about their importance and of course about how we can handle these emotions. The stories were all produced with the contribution of child psychologists. They give you great real-life examples and can help your family in overcoming difficult situations. While enjoying Ducky Adventures, your children will receive support in overcoming their fears and handling difficult emotions like guilt, frustration, and separation anxiety.

Educational values

  • Identifying with other kid’s adventures
  • Developing thinking and observational skills
  • Fostering imagination and creativity
  • Teaching about handling emotions and conflict resolution