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Cucu, I’m here! is a show full of adventures. The two little imaginary friends are playing hide and seek all the time around their tiny house. Their life is filled with joy and laughter.

Today: 02:11 07:07 09:58 14:13 20:34 22:53
Tomorrow: 02:40 07:13 11:01 13:41 16:33
Today: 07:06 09:52 14:13
Tomorrow: 07:31 10:45 14:05 16:19
viewing tips

Help your child follow the games of the Cucus by countinuously asking where they were hiding. Add more fun by covering your eyes, when a Cucu cannot be seen, and reveal your face when it is found. Peek-a-boo is definitely amoung the games that facilitate early cognitive development the most.

educational values
  • Teaches the concept of object permanence-that objects exist even when we can’t see them,
  • Develops thinking and observational skills,
  • Enhances cognitive skills and prepositional concepts.
Cucu, I'm Here!
  • Lola
  • Henry
  • Shorty
  • Clara
  • Mimo
  • Leon
  • Flora
  • Bell
  • Mark
  • Bugsy
  • Milo
  • Matti
  • Bluppy