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In Happy Garden fruits, vegetables and plants grow. Seedlings appear from seeds, then flowers, leaves and crops dance to entertain you. Before the little creatures of nature say goodbye, they show you how people enjoy their scents and tastes.

Today: 02:15 08:22 13:24 22:31
Tomorrow: 05:11 09:12 14:11 23:15
Today: 02:26 08:32 13:13 22:26
Tomorrow: 05:10 09:20 14:06 23:19
viewing tips

What fruits, vegetables and plants do you see? Label them for your child. Show them the real fuit or vegetable you see in Happy Garden.
To older toddlers you can explain the process how the fruits and vegetables grow from seeds and end up on your table. Use simple words and follow the story of the episodes!

educational values
  • Recogninzing and naming fruits, vegetables and plants
  • Learning about natural environment
  • Associating objects with their natural belonging
  • Developing thinking and observational skills
  • Lola
  • Henry
  • Shorty
  • Clara
  • Mimo
  • Leon
  • Flora
  • Bell
  • Mark
  • Bugsy
  • Milo
  • Matti
  • Bluppy