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Our three handymen tirelessly do their job wherever they go.  Hubbi hippo, Matti beaver and their friend Milo isn’t afraid of any work. Even if they do make some mistake, the result is always great.

Today: 01:13 03:17 12:53 14:47 23:22
Tomorrow: 07:45 11:35 22:25
Today: 12:49 14:49
Tomorrow: 07:52 11:13
viewing tips

This series demonstrates basic problem solving skills. Watching this series it together with your child you will have great opportunities to demonstrate that it is okay to make mistakes, an important lesson for easing fear and anxiety.

educational values
  • Acquiring tools for problem-solving 
  • Encouraging observational and cognitive skills
Hubbi Will Take Care of It
  • Lola
  • Henry
  • Shorty
  • Clara
  • Mimo
  • Leon
  • Flora
  • Bell
  • Mark
  • Bugsy
  • Milo
  • Matti
  • Bluppy