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Let's sing best-known English songs for children with your new friends. With Toobys you both learn English and have a good time.

Today: 02:44 13:42
Tomorrow: 05:19 17:28
Today: 14:02
Tomorrow: 17:34
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Sing best-known English songs with ducktv! Did you know, that rhythm and music are golden combination for increasing brain power for math skills?! So keep singing!

educational values
  • Sharpening the sense of hearing
  • develops musical skills through learning new songs
  • learn new songs
  • Lola
  • Henry
  • Shorty
  • Clara
  • Mimo
  • Leon
  • Flora
  • Bell
  • Mark
  • Bugsy
  • Milo
  • Matti
  • Bluppy